The agile method or practices constitute a transversal organizational framework, scalable and very responsive, with the aim of optimizing, streamlining and accelerating software production line.

Appeared in the early 2000s, they have been the subject of a manifesto that has continued to evolve ever since.

This methodology involves in the development process, at the same time, developer teams, external speakers and customers. But before you start, remember this important point. This methodology is not necessarily suitable for everyone. A certain number of developers/Programmers remain critical, regarding Agile methods.

N 0001 - A Community Spirit !

First of all, you need to familiarize yourself with the Agile universe, its resources and its agenda. Click on the link below to access the official Agile Alliance website. It is also possible for you, to become a member:

⇒ www.agilealliance .org

N 0002 - Scrum, a Specific Methodology !

If we read the definition given by the initiators and developers of this method, SCRUM must be perceived as "a lightweight framework that helps people, teams and organizations generate value through adaptive solutions for complex problems".

You can download the guide by clicking on this link.

Captures d'écran (exemples)

Commençons par nous familiariser avec le logiciel...

Écran d'accueil

Création d'un document de travail (App. mobile)

Fenêtre de paramétrage de base de l'application mobile

Appelons-la MyApplication01 (pas d'espaces)

C 0002 - Répéter un mot

Afficher plusieurs fois le même mot...
Attention à l'indentation !

 5.times do
     puts "Bonjour !"

C 0003 - La date et l'heure

Obtenez l'heure...
Attention à l'indentation !

time1 =
puts "Heure:" + time1.inspect
time2 =
puts "Heure:" + time2.inspect

C 0004 - Chaîne

Afficher deux prénoms...
Attention à l'indentation !

name1 = "Julien"
name2 = "Marie"
puts "Voici #{name1} et #{name2}."


» Creation date : 1930s
* Methodology initiated by Walter Shewhart and William Edwards Deming
* Developed by the community of programmers and developers

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