Database is the backbone of many solutions like websites, mobile App. and software applications. Sometimes from various origins and natures, databases are THE logical and consequential development of digital solutions's trees/Architectures.

Databases can be used locally or on multiple servers, separately. They allow storage, formatting and strategic access to information. From the database to the databank, there are several major families, applications and rules in the world of content management. Therefore, there are many steps that cannot be skipped. Some BDDs are simple to use, easy to "patch", others are very complex but much more powerful.

N 0001 - Taking the Time to Think !

Whether it is the architecture of your solution or the database that will result from it, the step you take is essential and will determine the proper course of your development. Keep in mind, that they will be highly scalable and resource intensive. To get started, you need to bring first... a simple sketchbook, an eraser and a gray pencil. Turn away from your screens for a while and THINK WELL !

Most Common Database Types



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